Providential Tile "The Hunter"

Hunter Tile by Providential at BungalowBILL.com



It’s time for the hunt! Nov 17-18 is the Stella Pier Show and it’s always an event that is sure to please. Five hundred dealers selling everything vintage, including clothes, this is the best and busiest venue for antique hunting in NYC in the Fall. You can be sure to find unique items and unique people buying them. It takes place on Pier 94 on the West Side Highway at 55th Street. The hours are Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4. You can find Bungalow Bill in booth 2238. Take the time to support local small businesses and get some holiday shopping done or just come say hello!

The antique tile featured this week is by the Providential Tile Company of Trenton New Jersey. In operation from 1886-1913, they produced a line of products similar to the rest of the local tile works but their glazing seemed to be just a cut above the rest. This tile is tall at eighteen inches. The image is crisp and tile is covered in a cream and brown glaze. A masculine piece suitable for a man’s office or den.
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Harris Strong Lamp

Harris Strong Lamp



Harris Strong tiles are always popular. Some of my personal favorites are the ones from the early 1960’s that incorporate the expert woodworking of Bill Chaiken.

This walnut table lamp has panels of black leather inset to the front and back panels, as well as a slender strip down each side. Two inch square tiles, glazed in oranges and reds like the flames of a fire are held above the leather panels by slim pegs of walnut. Six tiles are on one side and three on the other.

Stay tuned for a matching panel to this lamp, a variation on the one already shown from the 1966 movie Muderer’s Row with Dean Martin as Matt Helm.

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Arts and Crafts Tile

Arts and Crafts Beehive Tile


Labor Day is over and it’s time to get back to work. This week’s antique tile is an image of the iconic beehive. Bees and the beehive are symbols of industriousness. Each individual bee works for the common good of all in the hive. They are the symbol of a prosperous community as well as wisdom. The symbol is often used in religion as well. In Christianity it is an emblem of Christ. The bee symbolizes the soul that flies away from the body in the Siberian, Central Asian, and South American Indian traditions. Napoleon even chose the bee as his personal emblem.

This is a large tile measuring 16.5 inches tall. It has deeply incised lines that would be filled with grout when installed to give the panel a mosaic look. The matte blue glaze curdles in places. The back is unmarked, but by the clay body and glazes I suspect this to be Owens Empire, or at least from the Ohio River Valley.

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Harris Strong Sunflowers

During the hot days of summer the decorating flower of choice is the sunflower. Standing tall in the landscape they give a great pop of color. These vintage tiles by Harris Strong come from the factory as NOS (new old stock) and were never mounted, allowing for a multitude of uses by the new owners.

The images on the tiles are outlined in a thick, rough textured fat lava glaze and are colored in rick, warm colors of browns, yellows and oranges. The panel is tall at 30 inches and makes an impressive focal point. Imagine these framed in an entrance hall as a happy greeting to your guests, installed in a kitchen or bath, or mounted and hung outside to give the garden even more color.

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Mid Century Flamingo Tile Panel by the Mosaic Tile Co

The Mosaic Tile Company of Zanesville Ohio made this vintage tile panel featuring a salmon pink flamingo. The first time I saw this design was at one of the first sales dedicated exclusively to tile at the Perrault Rago Gallery in Lambertville New Jersey in the 1990’s. I have never seen another until I acquired this. These panels were entirely hand decorated and each would vary a little from the way the factory artist would draw them at the factory. They would use full size cartoons as reference as they drew each tile. These panels were used to compliment and accent the plain field tiles Mosaic sold. You can see another larger panel by Mosaic here. They were generally marketed to be installed on the back wall of a shower or bathtub or around a pool. Their use today is only limited by your imagination.

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Glass Mosaic made in Mexico

1950's Glass Mosaic made in Mexico by Genaro

One of the hot trends in tile collecting are glass mosaics. The regular people are buying their glass mosaics at the big box stores and putting them on their kitchen and bathroom walls to match their granite and stainless steel. The people with style are buying vintage Italian glass mosaic panels from the 1950’s and 60’s to decorate their living rooms. Some of these panels were home art projects, others were made by professional artists and studios like Evelyn Ackerman, David Holleman or Mexican studios like Teran, Genaro, and Romanos. Salvador Teran mixed the mosaics with brass to make teas sets, jewelery boxes and trays.

The panel featured this week was made in Mexico by Genaro. It’s an amazing construction of textured squares set in whorls at varying heights, smooth square tesserae of gradient tones set in horizontal lines, ground glass and sharp shards to make the dimensional flowers. This is all accented by gold tiles scattered in the background and placed in rays under the flower bowl that catch the light and makes the panel sparkle when the sun hits it just right. That’s right. These are not your big box glass mosaics.

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Royal Delft Tiles

Porcylene de fles

Tall Swan Tile by Royal Delft


Early in the 20th Century the Porceylene fles or Royal Delft Company produced some of the finest Arts and Crafts tiles. Based in the Netherlands, Royal Delft tiles were distributed by the Pardee Tile Company of New Jersey in the 1920’s. At this time Pardee was also selling the tiles of the defunct Grueby and Flint Tile companies.

These antique tiles were made in the cuenca process with prominent raised lines separating the distinctive frosty, crystalline matte glazes. The tiles were sold in two versions. The first were called “brick tiles” and were made to be installed onto a wall. The second had a molded brown frame with glazed sides around the image and incised holes at the top. This allowed the tiles to be hung as a piece of art. Because of this these framed tiles survived better are much more common on the antique market.

The tile shown is special in a few ways. It is a larger tile than most, made to be installed, and is an uncommon design. It shows a graceful swan with its wings spread protecting its two cygnets that swim at her breast. It’s a beautiful and graceful tile designed by L.E.F Bodart.

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